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Parent Meeting

Preseason Parent Meeting

All coaches are required to establish effective lines of communication with team parents by holding a orientation meeting. This may take the form of a casual discussion combined with an early team practice. The time you invest here will pay dividends for everyone concerned throughout the season. 

Purpose of a Parent Orientation Meeting

•    Enables parents to understand the objectives and goals of the program.
•    Enables parents to become acquainted with you, the coach
•    Informs parents about the nature (and inherent risks) of the sport.
•    Informs parents of your expectations of them and of their children.
•    Enables you to address any concerns of the parents.
•    Establishes clear lines of communication between you, parents, and players.
•    Allows you to obtain parental support (assistant coaches, team parents, etc.)

Things to Consider when Organizing the Meeting

•    Be prepared and be organized to conduct the meeting efficiently.
•    Hold it early in the season, preferably before the first team practice.
•    Having the players present is optional, but encouraged.
•    Prepare any handouts you would like to distribute, for example:
i. Team roster
ii. Club rules
iii. Team goals
iv. Outline of the meeting

Important Points to Cover

Coach Introduction

•    Introduce yourself and assistant coaches (or ask for volunteers at this time)
•    Give some background information about yourself (why you are coaching, experience)

Coaching Philosophy

•    Discuss what you consider to be the value of the sport
•    Discuss your methods for teaching skills
•    State the importance you assign to having fun and developing skills
•    state the importance you assign to winning and losing
•    Discuss any team rules and guidelines, disciplinary procedures
•    Discuss your philosophy regarding player rotation, substitution, playing time
•    Specifics of the program 
•    Practice schedule (how many per week? how long?)
•    Game schedule (how many? when do they begin?)
•    Minimum playing time (what is the rule in your local club?)
•    Equipment required
•    Inherent risks (soccer is a contact sport, albeit a relatively safe one)
Team Management 
•    Ask for volunteers as assistant coaches
•    Ask for volunteers as team parents (snacks schedule, help with nets/flags)
•    set up telephone tree and / or car pooling system

Coaches Responsibilities
•    Demonstrate leadership and good sportsmanship
•    Treat each player fairly
•    Have organized practices and teach soccer fundamentals appropriate to the age group
•    Provide a safe environment
•    Contribute positively to the development of each players’ self-esteem
•    Help each player set individual and team goals that are attainable 
•    Give parents a schedule of practices and games in a timely fashion
•    Allow each player to play half of every game
•    Respect the referees, know the rules, and conduct yourself in a controlled manner on the field

Player Responsibilities
•    Attend practices/games regularly, and arrive on time
•    Bring proper equipment to each practice and game
•    Inform the coach in advance if it is necessary to miss a practice of game
•    Make each practice challenging
•    Work toward good sportsmanship and teamwork
•    Respect the referees
•    Be supportive of teammates all of the time 

Parent Responsibilities

•    Transport your child to and from practice and games on time
•    Be supportive of all the players (criticism does not improve performance)
•    Help your child understand that he/she is contributing to a team effort
•    Focus on mastering skills and having fun, not winning
•    Avoid material rewards for your child (the reward is the fun of playing)!
•    Attend games and cheer the team on 
•    Refrain from criticizing the opponents; be positive with all players
•    Respect the referees (They will make mistakes, but they are doing their best.  If you feel you are better qualified, see your club’s referee coordinator-he/she could easily find work for you)
•    Refrain from coaching your child during games (try to understand and respect the difference between the roles of the coach and parent)
•    Answer Any Question From The Parents


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