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Travel Soccer Frequently Asked Questions

For the many parents who are new to Travel Soccer have questions about how Travel works within MTSC and what they should expect from the experience, we created this Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQ") page to help explain how it all works. Click one of the questions below to automatically navigate to the answer. Don’t see your question below? E-mail our Director of Club Soccer directly and he will respond promptly.
1.    Where and when do Travel teams play? MTSC Travel teams play league games throughout Central New Jersey in the fall and spring. Approximately 5 games each season are played at home in Monroe Township.  While the other half, typically 5 games, are played away.  The distance traveled will depend upon the teams they play in their League and Flight.   Most Club teams also participate in Winter Indoor league play at indoor soccer facilities such as Bob Smith Soccer Academy, Mercer County Community College or elsewhere to stay in shape and maintain their skills between the outdoor seasons.

MTSC Travel teams are also expected to participate in tournament play to improve their skills against tougher competition. Most tournaments are located within reasonable driving distance of Monroe and will depend on which tournaments the coach signs up for.  Some teams, typically the more elite teams, may choose to participate in out-of-state tournaments that may require an overnight stay in a local hotel.
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2.    How far should I expect to drive each week? Most MTSC teams play within the Monmouth Ocean Soccer Association ("MOSA"), so most games are located within one hour of Monroe Township. Other teams play in the EDP league, which is more competitive and may require drives of longer than one hour each way. Since teams form for one-year terms, many parents coordinate carpools for longer trips or where conflicts arise. Back to top
3.    What is a "League" and "Flight"? Leagues are organizations that coordinate the schedules of teams. Teams are each assigned a "Flight" or division to group teams of similar ability and skill to promote healthy competition and development. The lower the Flight number, the higher the level of competition. Back to top
4.    What is the time commitment for the players? All Travel teams practice at least two afternoons or evenings during the week.   In addition to the normal practice schedule, each team will play at least one regular scheduled game during the weekend.  For those teams in MOSA, there games will be on Sunday with the exception of U8 who play on Saturdays.  Coaches may also schedule scrimmages for the teams.  These scrimmages may be in addition to or replace a regularly scheduled practice.  There is more variability in the EDP league schedule with games occurring on Saturdays and during the week.
      Parents are expected to attend practices to meet the requirements of at least two adults at every activity; however many teams create a rotating schedule where each parent takes a turn attending a practice to make sure their team adheres to this policy. Back to top
5.    What types of Club teams does MTSC offer?  There is no special designation within the travel program.  Within an age group there may be multiple teams that form and the teams will play at different levels (flights) in alignment within the ability of the team.   "A" teams within an age group typically play in more high level tournaments and offer year long programs to support player development.  Back to top
6.    What qualifications do coaches have? Many Travel teams are run by volunteer coaches whose child has qualified for that level team or is an experienced coach with no children on that team.   All Club coaches must possess a New Jersey State License issued by the New Jersey Youth Soccer Association, but all coaches are encouraged to continue their education to obtain higher-level certification.  The MTSC has contracted with Shatliff Soccer to provide training for one practice a week.  Some teams may opt to hire additional trainers or training sessions.  All of these trainers are highly certified to coach age-appropriate soccer.  All new U8-U10 teams formed from the 2022/2023 league year and on are fully trainer coached.   Back to top
7.    How do tryouts work? Tryouts are held in early May of each year to evaluate and rank all players within each particular age group by ability and, where applicable, by position.  Tryouts are held for all age groups U7-U13.  Teams that are U14 and up evaluate new players for teams through invitation to training sessions.   For more information please refer to the following tryout rules. Tryout protocols 2023&2024 Final - Google Docs  Back to top
8.    How are Travel teams formed?  Please refer to the Club Try-Out Information Guide. Back to top
9.   I attended try-outs, when will I be notified?  Notifications are typically sent out within 2 weeks of the last date of try-outs.  A lot depends upon the collection of the rankings and assembling the selection committee and coaches.  For more information please see the Club Try-Out Information Guide.  Back to top
10.  Do teams stay the same from year to year? At the small-sided level (U-08 through U-10) teams should expect to have some players move between teams, usually up to 5. Once players get older and play full-sided games, fewer players are likely to change teams as the talent and training differences become more apparent between A, B, and C teams at the same age group. Also, players are more likely to begin playing Club soccer at the younger age groups than at the older age groups, so parents should expect higher turnover at the small-sided levels. 
      Please note that there is no guarantee that player may be on the same team from year to year.  New players may come to town, or players on the lower flighted team may move up.  Back to top
11. How much does Travel soccer cost? Fees to play Club soccer are separated into two components: registration fee and team fees. Uniform kit cost and paid seperately. 
o    This will be outlined in the offer letter sent to you after tryouts. The estimated range of the annual fee can range from $725 to $2500. This is all dependent upon the curriculum planned for the team by the coaching staff. 
12. What can I do if I need financial assistance for my child to play Travel soccer? We never want money to interfere with a child’s ability to enjoy soccer, so we accept applications for financial assistance from any family who wishes to apply.  All applications are kept strictly confidential and are discussed in detail between only the Dir. of Travel Soccer and the MTSC Executive Board. Back to top
13. Can my child play Travel soccer at the same time as other sports? Absolutely. Many Club soccer players, particularly at the younger ages, play two sports during the same season, including baseball, football or lacrosse. Any players who anticipate scheduling conflicts should make their coach aware of the conflict before the season begins or as soon as possible so that the coach can plan practice or game schedules accordingly. However, those players who wish to play at either the Academy or Premier levels should seriously consider their interest in playing other sports during the soccer season as these teams generally expect a stronger level of commitment to soccer due to the higher expectations at that skill level. The coach and the skill level of the players on the team, as well as their relative level of interest will determine the level of competition for each Travel team at all levels.  Back to top
14. I have more than one child playing in Travel Division, do I have to pay a workbond for each one? For years in which the club collects a work bond, only one is charged per family.



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