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Supportive Parent

How to be a Supportive Soccer Parent 

Give consistent encouragement and support to the children regardless of the degree of success, the level of skill or time on the field.  
Stress the importance of respect for coaches through discussions with the children, and highlight the critical nature of contributing to the team and its success.  
Serve as role models, see the “big picture” and support all programs and all players.  
Leave coaching to coaches and do not criticize coaching strategies or team performance.  
Avoid putting pressure on children about their performance.  
Why Do Players Play? 
1. To have fun 
2. To make new friends 
3. To improve and learn 
4. To feel good 
5. To wear the uniform  
“Make sure they know that you are there because it is fun for you to watch them participate, not because you want to criticize.”  
Six Guidelines for Soccer Parents

1. Cheer them on
2. Relax and Let Them Play 
3. Yelling Directions = Distraction 
4. Remember, they are “your” genes 
5. Have Reasonable Expectations 
6. Meet with the Coaches when you have a concern or question (a minimum of 24 hours later). 

The greatest gift that you can give to your children throughout their sporting involvement is support. When asked what it is that they would most like from their parents in terms of support, most children suggest encouragement and acceptance of their choices.  
Why Do Players Quit?
1. Criticism and yelling 
2. No playing time 
3. Over emphasis on winning 
4. Poor communication 
5. Fear of making mistakes 
6. Boredom 
7. Not learning  
Four Red Flags for Parents  
1. Living out Dreams:
A parent who is continuing to live personal athletic dreams through his/her child has not released his/her child to the game.   

2. Too Involved:
If a parent tends to share in the credit when the child has done well in sport or has been victorious, the parent is too involved.  
3. Trying Too Hard:
If a parent is trying to continue to coach his child when the child probably knows more about the game than the parent does, he has not released the youth athlete. 
4. Too Serious:
Parents should realize that they may be taking everything a little too seriously. Relax and enjoy your child’s performance, win or lose.   

Find out why YOUR child wants to play soccer!  Ask the real questions?
• Why do YOU want to play soccer? 
• What is fun about soccer for YOU? 
What do YOU like to hear from ME before, during and after YOUR GAMES?  
Being a Good Soccer Parent

• Encourage your child regardless of his or her degree of success or level of skill. 
• Emphasize enjoyment, development of skills and team play as the cornerstones of your child’s early sports experiences. 
• Leave coaching to coaches and avoid placing too much pressure on your youngster about playing time or performance.
• Be realistic about your child’s future in sports, recognizing that only a few earn a scholarship or sign a professional contract.
Be there when your child looks to the sidelines for a positive, calm, supportive role model.

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