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The Monroe Way

‘To Inspire Our Children To Be Confident, Creative, Positive Leaders On And Off The Soccer Field’

 MTSC Director of Coaching; Naji Shatliff
  July 2017 rev 2.0

•Arrive at training 15 minutes before start time
•Bags lined up facing field at training and games
•Players must shake hands and politely greet All trainers/coaches/parent coaches/referees on arrival and when they leave.
•No shooting if players arrive early. Juggling/moves/short passing in pairs
•If player is late, they must apologize to trainer before entering session
•If pinnies are used in a session, they must be worn correctly
•All teams must be in training uniform, no hoodies wrapped around waist, sleeves hanging down past fingertips, jackets unzipped flapping around.
•Summarize at end of training in team huddle, arms around each other in team unity. All eyes on coach.
•Players leave in an orderly manner, no kicking balls around the trainers work area, no messing around, no litter left on field.

•All parents to view ‘ILWYP’ video – ‘Parents’ section at
•NO coaching from the side line at games or training ie pass! Shoot! Get wide!
•Late players do not start games
•Communicate to the coach in a timely manner if a player cannot attend a game or training session.
•Please be supportive of our coaches, it can be very damaging to a players attitude if they overhear you commenting negatively on a substitution or tactical decision.
•Please be mindful that you should be a role model on the sidelines
•If you have an issue with a coach do not under any circumstances approach the coach when emotions are high at a game in front of other parents and players. You must wait at least 24 hours before contacting the coach to discuss your concern.

•Players positions not guaranteed. Positions will be based on what that player needs to develop and NOT to win games.
•Equal playing time for all players in 5v5 games and 7v7 games. 9v9 and 11v11 games based on training attendance, attitude, effort and performance.

•Trainers to create a fun but hard working educational environment
•Intense sessions with maximum activity. NO lines, lectures or laps
•Zero tolerance for bad behavior, lack of respect or rudeness
•Focus – looking, listening and thinking when coach is instructing
•No room at training or games for laziness
•No player in any training session should be taught to just clear it or kick it out of play when under pressure. Encourage problem solving to play out of trouble. Create targets for when ball is won back when defending.
•Any Players defending, i.e. 1v1, 4v2 keep away, scrimmage, MUST work their hardest to win ball back, encourage aggression and game-like contact.
•Teach playing out of the back when goal keeper has ball, punting is LAST option
•Never discourage a player taking a shot at goal

•Players should not be afraid to fail! Encourage creativity and allow mistakes to be made, this means learning is taking place.
•Create reflective intelligent players, ask ‘why? How? What? Who? Don’t just tell.
•Create a winning mentality, make all exercises and games a competition.
•Players to practice away from practice. Training as a team is only part of their development. Each player to keep a training diary.
•Let players make their own decisions, Don’t tell them what to do!
•Guide players to make the right decisions, find solutions and problem solve
•Always be positive and encouraging when giving feedback
•Execute suitable curriculum dependent on age and ability (see following section)


•Kicking the ball with no direction or purpose whichever way the player happens to be facing at the time
•When playing out of the back, panic from wide player and just kicking it at pressuring defender, out of bounds etc when they can play back or inside.
•Not working hard enough to move and get open for a pass
•Letting opponent receive a difficult ball ie bouncing without pressing.
•Not attacking a ball in the air and letting it bounce. BE FIRST

•Players who are late for the meeting time set out by coach DO NOT START
•Organize bags so they are lined up
•Set guidelines for different ages on playing time (coachit soccer app)
•U8-U9 Equal time in games except for disciplinary (missing practice or behavior)
•U10-11 Equal time balanced throughout the season
•U12+ playing time is earned.  U12 should be min 1/2 game balanced throughout the season unless it’s a disciplinary decision (missing practice or behavior)
•Let players make their own decisions, Don’t tell them what to do!
•Always be positive and encouraging when giving feedback

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