Welcome to Munchkins Division


Munchkins soccer is designed for our younger children to prepare them for the "big game."  Kindergarten children will receive a 1/2 hour training session by a paid trainer followed by a 4v4 on smaller fields without a goalie.  The goal is for the kids to have FUN, develop basic soccer skills, and begin to learn the rules of the game.  The key is to let the kids just play.  They will figure out their own positions as well as when to dribble and when to pass. 

We are desperately in need of additional coaches and assistant coaches for our Munchkins.  The more parents who come out to help, the more kids who can play.  You don’t need to know much about soccer, and MTSC provides you with training and can match you with an "experienced" coach as a mentor for practices.  Volunteer on the registration form as a coach or assistant coach.  The time commitment is only 2 hours a week (one for the game, and one for the practice).