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Recreational Soccer – A traditional style of program, where all coaching and training is carried out by volunteer coaches. The program is specifically designed to be as low cost as possible. Games are all local with the exception of the Seniors who play in the 3M Rec League. They traditionally will play half games at home and other at locations like East Brunswick, Manalapan, Old Bridge, and East Windsor. Our recreational program at Monroe is aimed at players aged 4 years old through 17 years of age and is open to any player.
Divisions are broken down as follows:
  • Shrimps – Pre K, instructional games/scrimmages
  • Munchkins – Kindergarten, 4v4 on small fields with small goals.  1st 1/2 hour will be instructed by a paid trainner followed by a 4v4 game with no referees, coaches may not be on the field. Let the kids play and don’t focus on positions. They will figure it out.   Encourage dribbling and don’t focus on passing!!!
  • Juniors – 1st & 2nd Grade, 5v5 including a goalie on smaller field. Referees may be used, and coaches may not be on the field. Let the kids play and don’t focus on positions. They will figure it out.  Encourage dribbling and don’t focus on passing!!!
  • Intermediates - 3rd & 4th Grade, 8v8 on small sided fields with referees
  • Hotshots – 5th & 6th Grade, 8v8 on small sided fields with referees.
  • 3M (Middlesex, Mercer and Monmouth Counties League) – 7th to 12th grade broken in Junior 3M and Senior 3M - part of 3M Recreational League – play full sided 11v11 games.

Why Small-Sided Games?

From US Youth Soccer Association


  US Youth Soccer has thought long and hard about the answer to the question, "Why Small-Sided Games?"

What does "Small-Sided Games" mean? These are soccer games with fewer players competing on a...

COACHES- F License Classes

MTSC asks that all coaches attend an F License Course in order to coach Junior, Intermediate and Hot Shot levels.  MTSC will reimburse your fee upon completion of the course and receipt of a copy of the F license.  Once you have completed a course, bring a copy of license/receipt to the next GMM listed on the home page.

Click on the link below to view upcoming F license courses in the area.





If you serve as a Head Coach for your child’s team, your fee will be 100% reimbursed at the end of the season.  Anyone can volunteer to be a Head Coach.  MTSC will provide training for coaches at all levels and mentors for brand new coaches.  The more Head Coaches who volunteer, the more children who can play!

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PARKING at Thompson Park

Reminder to all MTSC Parents:

There is NO PARKING allowed on any grass area at Thompson Park, except along Perrineville Road on Sundays (behind the tree line).  There is absolutely NO PARKING along Fir Drive (road that brings you into the park).  Parking along Fir Drive creates a hazard for all children who may run out onto the road between the cars parked illegally along the grass.

All cars must use the designated parking areas during the week, regardless of which field their child is playing.  These are the rules for use of Thompson Park, as determined by the County.  Anyone not adhering to these rules will be ticketed by the Park Rangers. 

It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure that parents park in appropriate areas.