Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the MTSC
1) What is the MTSC?
The MTSC, also known as the Monroe Township Soccer Club, is an organization affiliated with the Monroe Township Recreation Dept.
2) What does the MTSC do?
The MTSC promotes the game of soccer to the age groups of Pre-K through High School levels.
3) How do I enroll my child in the MTSC?
The MTSC has open registrations. All registrations are now done online. Links can be found on this website or on our Facebook Page.  Travel tryouts are held once a year in May for the Fall and Spring seasons.
4) How long does the soccer season run?
The MTSC runs the soccer program in the Fall (usually starting in September) and the Spring (usually starting in late March or early April).
Most divisions will play a 10 week schedule per season.
The Travel Division runs for a course of one year. It is broken down into the Fall season (10 games) and the Spring season (10 games). The Travel teams may also participate in tournaments and some teams do participate in indoor soccer leagues during the winter.
5) How many children are enrolled in the MTSC?
There are approximately 1,000-1,200 children enrolled in the MTSC.
6) What is Recreation soccer?
Recreational Soccer are groups of players, both male and female, broken down by ages, playing soccer in a casual but competitive setting. The games are usually played on Saturdays. All the games are played at the Monroe Soccer Complex on Prospect Plains Road.
7) After I register, when would I hear from a coach?
You will usually get an introductory phone call at least 1-2 weeks before the season starts. The Shrimp division may start 1 week after the rest of the MTSC divisions start.
8) What are the “divisions” in the MTSC?
Players are grouped according to age and grade.
·         Shrimps  are Pre-K players
·         Munchkins are Kindergarten grade players
·         Juniors  are 1st & 2nd grade players
·         Intermediates  are 3rd & 4th grade players
·         Hotshots  are 5th & 6th grade players
·         Seniors- 3M League  are 7th - 12th grade
·         Travel are for the more competitive and skilled players ranging from U8 to U19
The Shrimp & Munchkin divisions are usually co-ed teams, whereas from the Junior level up through Seniors, the divisions are broken down to male & female teams (this being if enough players are registered for the different teams). The Travel Division of the MTSC is also broken up by ages and when the situation permits, by male or female players.