Welcome to Senior-3M League Division

U13 to U18 Director of Seniors / 3M Division - TBA

The Senior program has been modified.  MTSC has joined an Inter-town Soccer league- the 3M League.  
Following is a summary of the Senior/3M League (derived its name because it includes clubs from Mercer, Monmouth & Middlesex counties): 
About 4 years ago, the East Brunswick Soccer Club, like many others, was recognizing that there was an attrition of recreational soccer players in the older ranks. In order to rebuild the interest and avoid further reduction in the ranks, we decided to reach out to other clubs with a solution. Each of the participating clubs had enough players to complete one or more team rosters; but, none of the clubs had enough players to maintain an entire division on their own.
The first two seasons began with East Brunswick and East Windsor each having 2 boys’ teams that were U13-U18 combined. What started out as just those 4 teams with a 6 year range of age has grown tremendously to the point where last season we had 29 teams in both a boys’ and girls’ league. Additionally, because of the expansion in numbers, we have been able to divide the boys’ teams into 3 divisions and the girls’ teams into two divisions (primarily based on age will allowance for ability to be considered as well).
Every year this program has grown even bigger. While this is a In Town league, the fact that teams are playing opponents from other clubs gives them the feeling of a travel team. Each club maintains its own registration and expense structure, such as uniforms and referees (there are no fees generated by participation in this league); and, as we have grown we have formalized our rules and regulations into a written document.
There is no question that the feedback from the players and parents has universally been positive as many parents have said that if it were not for this league their child would not be playing any longer.